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Highlight for Album: Viper 2004- Mamba
Album: Viper 2004- Mamba

ONE OF 200. THIS IS # 199. Amazing car. Beutiful. Fast. Exciting
Last change: 11/10/15
Contains: 87 items.

Highlight for Album: 1973 XKE Jaguar Roadster
Album: 1973 XKE Jaguar Roadster

1973 V-12 XKE Jaguar Roadster (convertible). This one of kind XKE roadster was purchased from a 50 car museum (original owner) after 31 years! The car had not having been started in over 15 years, so the new owner had to completely go through the engine and all mechanical components to ensure it to be road ready. Interestingly, very little replacement of original parts had to be made. Outside of a new gas tank and all belts and rubber parts, the car remains totally factory original ! Even the paint and interior is how she was delivered some 32 years ago. One of the automobile industries crown jewels of design, beauty and speed.
Last change: 01/23/14
Contains: 163 items.

Highlight for Album: 2002 Terry LaBonte's #5 Kellogg Nascar.
Album: 2002 Terry LaBonte's #5 Kellogg Nascar.

My newest addition is the 2002 Hendrick Motorsports #5 Kellogg car driven by Terry LaBonte. Restored by Hendrick to exact specs, she is ready for vintage racing or for track day. 850 H,P, will move you around the track rather quickly so special training and alot of practice will be in order. I can't wait.
Last change: 01/23/14
Contains: 46 items.

Highlight for Album: Super SS Camaro
Album: Super SS Camaro

My newest Addition: 2010 Super SS Camaro. The car is EXTREME ! She won "Hottest CAr" at the 2010 Sema Show. She has be published twice in automotive magazines. SHe belts 650 H.P. and that is just the beginning...
Last change: 01/23/14
Contains: 92 items.

Highlight for Album: 1966 Cobra 427
Album: 1966 Cobra 427

Here is an authentic reproduction 1965 Shelby Cobra built by the only MANUFACTURER authorized by Carroll Shelby. Car has an accurate 427 ROUCSH Performance Racing engine and 5 speed Tremec high performance transmission. With complete four wheel independent suspension, the car has been set up for high performance track driving. The car's speed is something you can not communicate with words. You have to "feel" it. The car has 550 h.p. with 535 lbs. of torque ! And this is dyno'ed and tested for its balanced and blueprinted engine certification. 0 to 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds!! Only and Enzo Ferrari or the new Saleen S7 Turbo can match that time. 170 MPH top speed. Awesome ! All in a car weighing in at just under 2,500 lbs! As they say, " Be careful. She is a Snake...and she BITES!
Last change: 01/23/14
Contains: 67 items.

Highlight for Album: 2005 Bentley Continental GT
Album: 2005 Bentley Continental GT
Last change: 08/29/10
Contains: 53 items.

Highlight for Album: 2-10-09 Maserati Ghibli SS 1971
Album: 2-10-09 Maserati Ghibli SS 1971

Look what I found!! A completely original, 1971 MAserati Ghibli SS with very low mileage. She is in fabulous conditioned. However, we will of coarse, make her pristine. The SS version Ghibli's were the larger 4.9 liter engines with increased horsepower, larger wheels and a re-designed dash layout. These cars are quite rare...only 220 Ghibli SS coupes and 25 Ghibli SS convertibles were ever built for the world. We will finish all interior work making it brand new. We will also"freshen" the engine bay and perfect all body panels so there all no imperfections and all body panels are perfectly smooth. Adding wire wheels will complete the package. Check back to watch her progress.
Last change: 01/23/14
Contains: 379 items.

Highlight for Album: 1969  Triupmh GT 6+
Album: 1969 Triupmh GT 6+

Nov 3 2012 Its been almost 2 years since I have had a chance to get back to MY cars. We are hot and heavy on the GT6. Concept here is show just how far we can go.
Last change: 01/23/14
Contains: 387 items.

Highlight for Album: 1946 BMW Motorcycle

Album: 1946 BMW Motorcycle 1-12-2012

Check this out !! A 1946 BMW motorcycle. Now how cool is this? We have begun its dissasembly to restore her from frame up. This ought to be fum !
Last change: 04/30/12
Contains: 55 items.

Highlight for Album: Extreme Dream SS
Album: Extreme Dream SS

10-19-09 Overhaulin Extreme style! Six days, 4 guys and a completely overhauled 1990 Silverado. All for a good cause !!
Last change: 10/03/10
Contains: 212 items.

Highlight for Album: Acura NSX Rebuild
Album: Acura NSX Rebuild

Here we go. Disassemble and a lot of sanding to begin perfecting the body!
Last change: 12/09/11
Contains: 101 items.

Highlight for Album: Artwork at its BEST!
Album: Artwork at its BEST!

I wish I loved to ride. I would own this bike!!! At least we were given the opportunity to paint it !!
Last change: 08/29/10
Contains: 51 items.

Highlight for Album: Chris's 93 NSX
Album: Chris's 93 NSX

1993 Acura NSX custom. We have a cool opportunity to restore a very nice Acura NSX. We are adding a body kit,color to white pearl updating to exposed headlights and much more.
Last change: 12/31/12
Contains: 400 items.

Highlight for Album: 2000 Mercedes SL 500
Album: 2000 Mercedes SL 500

I am just live in the past. Had this car in 1998. Should have never let it go. So, I bought one just like it. Spotless and only 31,500 miles. I added the wheels and tire package, but heh, its what I do !
Last change: 07/20/13
Contains: 83 items.

Highlight for Album: 1983 Alfa Romeo Spyder
Album: 1983 Alfa Romeo Spyder

In for a "facelift". After almost 30 years, the old girl needs a bit of a touch up.
Last change: 07/12/12
Contains: 469 items.

Highlight for Album: 2002 Porsche GT2 / X-50
Album: 2002 Porsche GT2 / X-50

Daddy has a New Toy !! A very rare 911 Turbo GT2 / X-50 How many of you Porsche fans know what the X-50 is???
Last change: 10/16/14
Contains: 95 items.

Highlight for Album: 1973 Pantera
Album: 1973 Pantera

7-20-13 Engine is going back in. Hope to have her on the road this week.
Last change: 10/16/14
Contains: 196 items.

Highlight for Album: 1989 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible/
Album: 1989 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible/

Any one that loves their car so much they give the car a name; " Scarlett ", deserves the EXTREME touch. Let the restoration begin...
Last change: 10/19/14
Contains: 158 items.

Highlight for Album: Special Event -Naoip
Album: Special Event -Naoip

A great event for a great cause. Cars, Guitars, Cigars !
Last change: 10/16/14
Contains: 156 items.

Highlight for Album: 1963 Split Window Barn Find
Album: 1963 Split Window Barn Find

Most collectors never get this opportunity !!
Last change: 05/30/14
Contains: 76 items.

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