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Highlight for Album: 1991 MY Extreme NSX
Album: 1991 MY Extreme NSX

Everyone asked me for a cool design for their NSX. But no one wanted it bad enough to be one of a kind. So I bought my own. There won't be another one like this any where...I can assure you.
Last change: 10/16/14
Contains: 479 items.

Highlight for Album: Jays 52 JAg
Album: Jays 52 JAg

We are doing Jays 53 Truck now and are making plans to restore but update mechanicals to modern technology on this beautiful 1952 Jaguar XK 120
Last change: 12/05/16
Contains: 74 items.

Highlight for Album: 

1967 Shelby GT 500 "Extreme" Eleanor
Album: 1967 Shelby GT 500 "Extreme" Eleanor

In her first Concorso showing, she won Best of Show. Huge honor considering she was shown with some of the worlds finest automotive statements.
Last change: 10/16/14
Contains: 853 items.

Highlight for Album: Ferrari 348 TS
Album: Ferrari 348 TS

Engine Out Service and some paint and body work is instore for this IITALIAN BEAUTY
Last change: 06/02/16
Contains: 31 items.

Highlight for Album: 1970 Monte CArlo
Album: 1970 Monte CArlo
Last change: 04/08/17
Contains: 34 items.

Highlight for Album: 1976 Datzun 280Z
Album: 1976 Datzun 280Z
Last change: 02/20/17
Contains: 196 items.

Highlight for Album: "Hanko's" 1990 GMC Stepside
Album: "Hanko's" 1990 GMC Stepside

Never thought Id restore a 1990...But the owner, Hank, well, he is just too cool to pass up.
Last change: 02/22/17
Contains: 376 items.

Highlight for Album: 1994 Silverado
Album: 1994 Silverado

n has brought us a cool 94 Mark IV Siverado that needs some "freshng up". And we are just the guys to do it.
Last change: 09/19/16
Contains: 258 items.

Highlight for Album: Chromed Lambo LP640
Album: Chromed Lambo LP640

Come see the FIRST REAL, ALL CHROME, LAMBORGHINI in the world !!! We were challenged to take a brand new Lambo and Chrome the entire car. Well...this had never been done before... And will probably never be done again
Last change: 10/16/14
Contains: 271 items.

Highlight for Album: David Hudson's 1966 GT 350 Shelby is NOW DONE.The 50th Birthday party was great.
Highlight for Album: Steve's 1979 Vette
Album: Steve's 1979 Vette

Steve wants his baby back !! And we will give it to him. After rear end and brake work, we will convert it over to Fuel Injection. Cool. Very Cool.
Last change: 12/16/16
Contains: 81 items.

Highlight for Album: Bandit T/A 1978

The Bandit is back!
Album: Bandit T/A 1978 The Bandit is back!
Last change: 01/29/17
Contains: 279 items.

Highlight for Album: Ryan's Extreme 100
Album: Ryan's Extreme 100

Look what we get to play with. A 1966 F100. Resto-Mod it is. We get to do a custom design, both exterior and interior. Our client, Ryan, from Atlanta Ga has a great visipn of whats to come.
Last change: 11/29/15
Contains: 442 items.

Highlight for Album: Sporty MR2
Album: Sporty MR2

Big thjings come on small Packages
Last change: 03/23/16
Contains: 723 items.

Highlight for Album: 1964 Custom SS Impala
Album: 1964 Custom SS Impala

Finally completed. Had the "delivery " party last night and had a great time!! A beautiful custom 1964 Impala. What a ride !
Last change: 02/10/14
Contains: 610 items.

Highlight for Album: 1971 Chevelle 454 Coupe
Album: 1971 Chevelle 454 Coupe

We get to see and play with some GREAT cars around here, and this is one of them. This 71 454 Chenille is is great shape, but needs the "Extreme" Touch. A little secret, I wish this was mine !
Last change: 05/09/16
Contains: 32 items.

Highlight for Album: 1967 Chevy Chvelle
Album: 1967 Chevy Chvelle

This car is in partnership with D's Chevelle's here in Tampa. This is SUCH a popular Classic. And it will be a stunner when we are done.
Last change: 08/31/17
Contains: 576 items.

Highlight for Album: 2010 Mustang
Album: 2010 Mustang

Our God Daughter has graduated from high school. She is quite the car "nut". Ever since she was little she has wanted me to "fix" up her car (when she gets one). Well , the time has come ! So as her graduation present, we are going to give her a little surprise.
Last change: 01/23/14
Contains: 263 items.

Highlight for Album: Look what we get to play with...a Porsche Speedster Custom. VERY COOL !!
Album: Look what we get to play with...a Porsche Speedster Custom. VERY COOL !!
Last change: 01/19/16
Contains: 93 items.

Highlight for Album: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am
Album: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am

Well, You know I have to be excited about this one. !!
Last change: 06/23/16
Contains: 75 items.

Highlight for Album: Triumph TR6 - 1975
Album: Triumph TR6 - 1975

2-25-10 Finally got around to a photo shoot.The car looks and runs fabulous. She is a blast to drive. So much fun. No wonder these were one of the most popular Triumphs ever built.
Last change: 08/29/10
Contains: 345 items.

Highlight for Album: 1988 Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV
Album: 1988 Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV

This is an immaculate 1988 Lamborghini Contach 5000s Quattravalve. Car has less than 7000 miles . It has won every car show it has participated in. Driven only occasionally, this was the owners Dream Car in his youth. To him, as was with millions of others, the Countach represented ( and probably still does) the car that started it all. This is the Ultimate "Super Car". The "Ultimate Exotic.! Documented as the most photographed car IN THE WORLD, See it, and you will know why. Still a stunning car to see and hear ! A car that stops traffic where ever it goes! See this in your rear view mirror, and you will want to get out its way quickly. Even if its only to admire it going by.
Last change: 01/23/14
Contains: 48 items.

Highlight for Album: 1953 Ford Crestline
Album: 1953 Ford Crestline
Last change: 04/30/16
Contains: 1 item.

Highlight for Album: 1979 Datsun 280ZX
Album: 1979 Datsun 280ZX
Last change: 09/19/16
Contains: 23 items.

Highlight for Album: 2000 Millineum Diablo
Album: 2000 Millineum Diablo

One of only ten made. My newest collectible. A very rare car.
Last change: 10/16/14
Contains: 138 items.

Highlight for Album: Michael's Tundra
Album: Michael's Tundra

A Bad Ride . A Big truck for a Big Man
Last change: 01/25/16
Contains: 55 items.

Highlight for Album: 1998 Lamborghini Diablo Roadster
Album: 1998 Lamborghini Diablo Roadster

Here is a 1998 Diablo Roadster. Somewhat rare in the exotic world. In 1998, only 41 total roadsters were built and only 4 outfitted with Red over Snowcorn for the entire world. Audi was in the process of buying Lamborghini and all production was down. This car now puts out 680 H.P. and has a top speed of 202 MHP. Car has dropped the stock exhaust and "cats" and is now equipted with a Quick Silver exhaust system. This simple change increased horsepower 70 H.P. from its "STOCK" 580 h.p. and dropped over 200 lbs. of weight! She now sounds like the Italian V-12 muscle you would expect while giving you the ride of a life time.
Last change: 02/10/14
Contains: 47 items.

Highlight for Album: 1971 Ferrari Daytona Spyder
Album: 1971 Ferrari Daytona Spyder

My newest addition to my collection is a 1971 Daytona. I purchased the car in the U.K. and is still on a ship being transported and imported to the great USA ! More pictures when the car arrives.
Last change: 01/23/14
Contains: 230 items.

Highlight for Album: 1993 Ferrari 512 TR
Album: 1993 Ferrari 512 TR

Here is a very rare, yellow over tan ( one of 3 that exist), 1993 Ferrari 512TR. Probably the most popular Ferrari design beisdes the 308 series, she is as sexy as she is fast. Come on in and enjoy the ride.
Last change: 01/23/14
Contains: 47 items.

Highlight for Album: 1969 Shelby GT 500 Convertible
Album: 1969 Shelby GT 500 Convertible

2-25-10 Finally took some outside shots. Had a beautiful day to have a photo shoot. And what a beautiful CAR !!
Last change: 01/23/14
Contains: 496 items.

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